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Jonathan Barrett - Gentleman Vampire, by P.N Elrod - eBook Omnibus
Jonathan Barrett - Gentleman Vampire, by P.N Elrod - eBook Omnibus
ISBN 978-0-9819866-9-2
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Jonathan Barrett burst on the scene in 1993, and now all four of his novel-length adventures are available together for the first time in this omnibus from DarkStar Books. The author's revisions to the original manuscripts have added over 120 pages of new material to the saga!

It's 1773 and 17-year old Jonathan Barrett is eager to leave for college in Boston--and to lose his virginity, though perhaps not in that order. His imperious mother has other plans though, sending young Jonathan headlong into life-changing adventure in far away England.

There he meets the bewitching and irresistible Nora Jones, a society beauty who gladly initiates him to the arts of love. Though many handsome young men pay court to the secretive Nora, Jonathan is her favorite ... but her favors come at an unimaginable price. He unknowingly pays it--in blood--to the woman he loves more than life itself.

When war and revolution threaten his family, he sails home to Long Island, only to tragically die at the hands of a neighbor turned rebel and thief. But Nora's dark gift does not allow Jonathan to rest long in his early grave; he returns to the world of the living confused, terrified . . . and hungry.

Follow this newly-made vampire's dangerous journey through the darkness of death, war, and undying love in this ground-breaking, critically acclaimed series by P.N. Elrod.

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