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The Crafters (Book 2): Blessings and Curses. by Christopher Stasheff and Bill Fawcett - eBook
The Crafters (Book 2): Blessings and Curses. by Christopher Stasheff and Bill Fawcett - eBook
Price $4.99
 ($5.40 tax incl.)

Blessings and Curses!

Witches and warlocks, alchemists and scientists, the Crafters are a talented family. The birth of a new nation sees the beginning of a clan whose far-flung branches take root in the civilized cities and on the wild frontier. 

In this second bewitching volume, a new generation of Crafters must come to terms with their Talent in an age of science and reason. Spread across the globe, the descendants of Amer Crafter are a varied lot, from proud Americans to spoiled young English gentry.

The Crafter legacy lives on!

CHRISTOPHER STASHEFF reminds us why it’s so important to keep in touch with older relatives.

ESTHER FRIESNER proves that good manners do count.

JODY LYNN NYE illustrates how a school for young ladies can also teach much more practical subjects.

WENDY WHEELER shows that summoning an elemental is not all that elementary.

RU EMMERSON reveals why oil and water don’t mix!

This enchanting shared-world anthology series also includes stories by BARBARA DELAPLACE, BRIAN M. THOMSEN, MORRIS G. MCGEE, ROBERT SHECKLEY, JUDITH R. CONLY, and MORGAN LLYWELYN.

 Don’t miss Book One of THE CRAFTERS series by Christopher Stasheff and Bill Fawcett.

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