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Dragonstar (Book 3) — Dragonstar Destiny, by Thomas Monteleone and David Bischoff - eBook
Dragonstar (Book 3) — Dragonstar Destiny, by Thomas Monteleone and David Bischoff - eBook
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 The 160-million-year-old, world-sized starship with its crew of sentient dinosaurs mystified humankind when it entered our solar system. Careers and even governments rose and fell in the fight to board it, explore it, and understand its origin and purpose.

Then, in the blink of an eye, it was gone. Only this time there were humans aboard—men and women lost in hyperspace, allying with the dinosaurs in their mutual fight for survival, trapped between the savage jungle within the ship ... and the unknown horror without.

 When the ship dropped into “real” space, they were far beyond the edge of the Universe, orbiting a planet that was old when Earth was young, in the eerie light of a star that was due to go nova at any moment.

 And someone—something—waited outside the ship, wanting to get in!

The Stunning Conclusion to the Dragonstar Series!

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Balanced expertly on their back legs, the hatchlings eyed their audience eagerly. Their heads were almost half their body mass, and their jaws were already filled with rows of sharp teeth. With round, flat eyes glaring, they stood in the leathery wreckage of their eggs, they were already as tall as five-year-old humans.

“My God, Phineas, what are they?” Kate said.

“I don’t know,” Phineas said, “but I think they’re littleT-Rexes ...”

The Saurian warriors weren’t waiting to find out. Shrieking and  hissing with joy, they unleashed a hail of arrows, and the warm nest  became a slaughter pit.

Even as the mother arrived ...

“Colorful and vigorous ... of a type too little seen.” —Publishers Weekly 

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