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War Games (A Hybrid Universe Novel), by Karl Hansen - eBook
War Games (A Hybrid Universe Novel), by Karl Hansen - eBook
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They were no longer human—they were hybrids, genetic/cyborg soldiers. They fought each other in savage battles through the ice forests of Saturn's moon. They held the constant terror of death and destruction at bay only by indulging in fantastic cybernetic dreams and games, genetically engineered drugs, and  the disturbing pleasures of their altered flesh.

 A Combat Hybrid ...

Joints reinforced with polymer mesh. Nictating occular membranes. Sphincters where there were none before. Regenerated limbs. Subcutaneous vitalium wires instead of hair. They were no longer human. They were combat hybrids—genetically-modified cyborgs bioformed for fhe express purpose of waging war in hostile environments.

Marc Detrs hadn’t wanted to become a hybrid. But it was that or jail. That or have his true past discovered. That or be forced to reveal his knowledge of the all-seeing timestone. He became a hybrid, fighting for the chance to die in a guerrilla war that is waged in the frozen methane forests of Saturn’s moon.

And then Grychn reappeared–a ghost from his past, the lover who knew all his secrets. They would either kill each other or help each other to find the timestone, the most valuable object in the Universe.

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 Praise for  War Games:

“A rousing and evocative future war novel in the tradition of STARSHIP TROOPERS and THE FOREVER WAR. Readers will remember it long after they put the book down.”–George R. R. Martin, Winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards

“Makes Heinlein’s Starship Troopers look like a pack of cub scouts.” — Edward Bryant, twice winner of the Nebula Award

“More real than life, more painful, and, in the end, more beautiful. Hansen really goes for the jugular!” — Orson Scott Card, author of A Planet Called Treason

NOTE: Rated MA for Mature Audiences

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