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Brother Termite, by Patricia Anthony - eBook
Brother Termite, by Patricia Anthony - eBook
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 He is a major figure in national and international affairs. He plays high-stakes political power games with the FBI and the CIA. He is responsible for many lives—and many deaths.

 The President of the United States trusts his friendship and advice above all others. He is everything to those who surround him—player and pawn, friend and enemy, husband and father.

He’s also an alien being from a far world, from another existence, and he has set his own agenda for the future of OUR world.

He is an alien ... and yet, he is only too human.

“A genuinely great novel.” — Locus Magazine

Critical Praise for Brother Termite:

“A highly accomplished piece of work.” —New York Times Book Review

“Chilling ... splendid characters and utterly convincing aliens ... unstoppable narrative momentum.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Engrossing entertainment.” — Booklist

 “Anthony has taken the alien invasion cliché and transformed it into a brilliant parody of the modern political thriller.” — Library Journal

 “Incisive political satire ... a rewarding read.” — Publishers Weekly

“Not since Octavia Butler’s Exogenesis novels have I encountered writing so cool, precise, economical, and intelligent. Or aliens so alien.” — Terry Bisson, author of Bears Discover Fire

“Superior science fiction—a wild, weird story in its own right that is also entertaining, gripping ... and very thought-provoking. Moves with the sureness of a ride in a luxury automobile. Anthony doesn’t spoon-feed the reader—she takes charge ... inventive, smart, and funny ... [Anthony] tells a story in a style as bright and cool as blue argon lighting.” — New York Review of Science Fiction

“A brilliantly effective psychological political thriller and creation of an alien mind.” — Denver Post

 “Heartbreakingly moving.” —San Francisco Examiner

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