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Myth-Adventures 7: M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link, by Robert Asprin - eBook
Myth-Adventures 7: M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link, by Robert Asprin - eBook
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Multiple Myth-Perceptions!

M.Y.T.H. Inc. is experiencing growing pains. Everyone is trying to contribute, and getting used to being partners instead of employees, but any time you fool around with business or magik, things can get dangerous. The Great Skeeve, the boss of the organization, has had many adventures with his scaly green demon mentor, Aahz,  but each of the partners has his or her own take on the operation, and each has a personal tale of Myth-Adventure to relate:

 Guido’s Tale

Chumley’s Tale

Massha’s Tale

Aahz’s Tale

Gleep’s Tale

Fangs for the Job …

"Well, I'm Massha," I said, "and my partner over there is Vic."

Hysterium nearly fell over his desk in his eagerness to shake Vic's hand. My partner was dressed stylishly, if sedately by my standards, in a leisure suit with a turtleneck and ankle-high boots. His whole outfit was in soft earth tones, and it was clear the Deveel had him pegged as the normal member of the twosome. Call it a mischievous streak, but I just couldn't let it stand at that.

"Actually, Vic isn't one of our regular staff. He's a free-lancer we bring in occasionally as a specialist."

"A specialist? Are you an interior decorator?"

My partner gave him a tight smile.

"What Vic here is tryin' to say," I told the Deveel, as casually as I could, "is that he's a vampire."

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