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House of Moons Chronicles #2, House of Moons, by K. D. Wentworth - eBook
House of Moons Chronicles #2, House of Moons, by K. D. Wentworth - eBook
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The dramatic sequel to K. D. Wentworth’s MOONSPEAKER, finally available in EBook.

In this dramatic sequel to MOONSPEAKER, accalimed writer K. D. Wentworth continues the adventures of Haemas Sennay Tal, the liason to the mysterious aliens known as the old ones, and the only human permitted to traverse the aliens timeways. Unknown to her Lord Chee, a bitter and treacherous lord, has devised a horrible scheme to wrest control over the timeways—and over the rich and beautiful Moonspeaker herself. Only Haemas can hope to stop him, pushing her extraordinary mind talents to unprecedented heights, before Chee destroys everyone and everything ever known—including herself.

A Voice in the Dark . . .

The blue shimmering faded, along with the singing voice of the ilsera crystals. Haemas stared at a cavernous room with a high, vaulted ceiling and strangely fluted urns of mind-conjured chispa-fire set at irregular intervals. The mood was calm and introspective, vaguely familiar. A hint of incense lingered and long benches were lined up facing one wall—a chapel of some sort?

Axia’s voice broke the silence. “Where in the name of Darkness are we?”

“In the name of Darkness?” a deep, gravelly voice asked. “Interesting. Few people come here to invoke that.”

A frozenness came over Haemas as she heard those words spoken in a cheerful, measured tone. It was the same voice she’d heard in her dreams many times in the past few days, but nowhere else—the one voice she’d longed to consult in the midst of all Kevisson’s troubles with the Council, but all the same, one that had forever passed beyond her own timeline.

Locking her hands together, she turned and stared into a craggy face topped with a thinning layer of white hair.

“Master Ellirt,” she said numbly.

Praise for House of Moons:

“. . . a complex but fascinating society with unusual diversions. . . . [K. D. Wentworth] is a good storyteller.” –Anne McCaffrey

“K. D. Wentworth is an uncommonly good writer. If you value a striking tale very well told, you need look no further.” –Algis Budrys, author of Rogue Moon

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